What will be the future of our children? Will they live in a world dominated by artificial intelligence, robotics, other new technologies? What will be their role in the society of tomorrow? What will be the new professions that will appear? How to best prepare our children to build and evolve in this new universe? What values do we want to transmit to them? What skills and abilities do we need to equip them with?

It becomes insufficient for the school to concentrate on the search for the best result and becomes vital that it questions itself on the objectives to be reached, on the models to be used, and on the meaning (s) to give.


Just as society is reinventing itself, the school, in a principle of coherence with its environment, needs to re-think, to re-position itself, to re-connect with its context.

At the efim we are creating a school serving the overall development of the child where:

  • all the components of the human being (thought, affective, physical, social) are also considered;
  • learning is adapted to each child's profile;
  • the child is not passive but actor, even author;
  • children are happy to go;
  • the pace of schooling depends on the pace of the child's physical and psycho-emotional development and not the other way around;
  • the child is trusted and in his capacity to grow, to learn and to his intelligence;
  • the activities make sense with authenticity;
  • competition and ranking give way to cooperation and benevolence;
  • we contribute to the improvement of society, to peace and to the preservation of the planet;
  • teaching is subordinate to learning;
  • the teacher is a mediator, a guide, a researcher, a catalyst;
  • the teacher is an integral part of a larger educational community giving a place to parents;
  • we can create and innovate to constantly adapt to the changing world.