“A different language is a different outlook on life. "

Federico Fellini

EFIM a plurilingual and pluricultural environment

We consider that trilingualism French, Spanish, English constitutes a learning asset and an educational objective for all, pupils and adults. It is a fundamental element of integration in an internationalized and multicultural world. It is an intercultural education that prepares children to flourish both in Spain and elsewhere in the world.

Numerous studies show that multilingual students benefit from:

  • a greater capacity to process information,
  • increased attention to detail,
  • a trained memory,
  • better social skills,
  • multilingual education stimulates cultural and intellectual construction.


The originality of the linguistic learning of the efim is based on a French-Spanish-English trilingualism from kindergarten in a complete and varied immersive environment:

  • formal learning times in each language;
  • free practice of each language during other immersion school hours;
  • learning mathematics in the 3 languages;
  • the history and geography of France and Spain in the language of the country concerned;
  • lessons in French, English or Spanish depending on the language spoken by the teacher;
  • complementary linguistic extracurricular activities;
  • EFIM organizes language certifications in French, Spanish and English for students at the end of cycle 3: DELF, DELE, Cambridge.