COVID-19 protocol

A lighthouse does not measure distance. The light is present in the eyes, quite simply. And all the wonders of the continent are housed in the star.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Much research has shown that human mediation remains and must remain the main model of education for children because they learn better collectively and guided by an adult.

However, the COVID19 health crisis has proven the need to provide additional distance learning, complementary to educational action in the classroom, to cope with unforeseeable events.

We are also ready to deploy a health protocol within the premises of the EFIM to implement the measures of distancing, stable cohabitation groups, temperature control and reinforced hygiene imposed by the health crisis.


  • We will ensure, if necessary, the activation of real distance learning devices which will, within the framework of educational support provided by teachers, ensure pedagogical continuity.
  • We have giant interactive touch screens designed to introduce students to digital technology but also to consider teaching with several students simultaneously in blended-learning (semi-face-to-face and semi-distance).
  • The EFIM premises are suitable for distancing measures.
  • Our health center is ready to deploy a temperature measurement service at reception, as well as to provide training and information for staff, students and families.
  • Stable cohabitation groups will be formed to circumscribe the exchanges.
  • Hand washing will be organized with the provision of soap and hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance and exit of the school, before and after each recess, before and after each meal, before and after each change of space (gym, library, classroom…), and of course during each visit to the toilets.
  • Disinfection, cleaning and ventilation of the various areas of the establishment are carried out several times a day by a dedicated person.
  • Wearing a mask by all adults is compulsory without exception in the establishment, including in outdoor areas.
  • Wearing a mask by all students is compulsory according to the standards established by the “Junta de Andalucia”.
  • These measures may change according to the recommendations of the health authorities.