Prehistory: culture and history

Like archeology, prehistory is a theme that fascinates children. We offer several modules over the year:

Module n ° 1: The Great Time Game

Description: Learn, in a fun and active way, to situate oneself in time and to situate prehistory. Understand a chronological framework: prehistory. Understand the notion of duration. The pupils are able to understand and locate, on the timeline, the significant events (techniques, habitat, art, environment, evolution) of the period studied. Understand the division of the period into several major themes.

Module n ° 2: Making fire 

Description: This workshop will allow you to discover how man produced fire from prehistoric times to the present day. Making fire.

Module n ° 3: Prehistoric painting (cave art) 

Description: Realization of a prehistoric painting using the original materials and techniques.

Module n ° 4: Prehistoric adornment

Description: Discover the world of prehistoric art. Realization of a soapstone ornament using the original materials and techniques.

Module n ° 5: The Paleolithic propellant

Description: Creation and use of a prehistoric throwing weapon.

Module n ° 6: Cutting the flint

Description: Discover the materials, the types of tools, their use. Demonstration of size.

Module n ° 7: The Neolithic house

Description: Discover the habitat and the way of life linked to sedentarization. Construction of a model respecting the procedures used on real houses.

Module n ° 8: Neolithic pottery

Description: Realization of a prehistoric pottery using the original materials and techniques. What pottery teaches archaeologists.