Our team


Our team: the power of a collective based on the originality and expertise of the people who make it up.

Our team is as important to us as our investment and our commitment to our students.

It is made up of teachers who put their skills, convictions, motivations and passions at the service of children and their parents.

All of them specialize in Montessori, Freinet, Gattegno or Feurestein pedagogy ...

Languages are taught by native teachers (French, Spanish, English).

Juniors or seniors and whatever their functions within the school, they bring their dynamism and experience to co-construct education for the 21 st century.

The school's adult team is made up of people who are:

  • well trained and always ready to learn
  • agile and open to innovative approaches
  • passionate about transmission and the best way to teach
  • able to innovate in their practice
  • motivated and enthusiastic.

The efim team is inclusive: it is made up not only of teachers but also members of the administrative team (support functions).

Together, they share the values and vision of the school and contribute through their support to the implementation of the mission.

All the members of the team cooperate and put their knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills at the service of children and families. Adults are aligned and contribute through their actions and attitudes to create a benevolent, multilingual, stimulating, fun and reassuring atmosphere.

The educational team is involved in both school and daily activities (meals, outings, etc.) as well as in extracurricular activities.

Relations between adults are based on cooperation, balancing individual aspiration and school goals to form collective and creative intelligence within a learning organization.