Our values


Values are at the center of our educational project, which is why our educational action is guided by 5 essential values:

  • Humanism: working for people

    Confidence in Man, a taste for education, the quest for knowledge, the search for truth, respect for the individual, freedom of conscience, tolerance, critical thinking, sincerity, acceptance of a rational and irrational part in Man, equality of rights, universalism of values.

  • Knowledge: knowing in conscience

    Knowledge at the service of the planet and of humanity because “science without conscience is only the ruin of the soul” (Rabelais); learn to learn.

  • Innovation: building the future

    Creativity, flexibility, disruptiveness, modernity, technologies, research.

  • Collective intelligence: moving forward together

    A facilitating organization, cooperation, agility, biosystemics.

  • Development: Being happy

    Pleasure, benevolence, getting to know each other, well-being.