Spaces and atmospheres


The French school in Marbella is located in calle Jacinto Benanvente, in front of the “de los enamorados” park, in the western district of Marbella, very close to the “Piruli” and the congress center.

The location benefits from unobstructed views of the park and its beautiful green nature, as well as of the mountain La Concha. Access is easy by car or bus.

The building offers bright and spacious classrooms.

A class is above all an atmosphere.

Each area of the school is treated as such in order to immerse the child in a spatial and relational environment, motivating and secure, which promotes his learning.

Like Maria Montessori, Feuerstein or the work of Stanislas Dehaenne and Jean Houdé in neuroscience, we are convinced that the success of educational action requires a stimulating educational environment, rich in potential and adapted to children and adults.

We favor a spatial organization with pleasant flexible classes as well as diverse and original spaces that meet the needs of children and adult teachers.

We are currently in the process of transforming the school, which is why we are presenting here the classroom atmospheres that inspire us and in particular photographs from the Montessori school "the green mice" in Sénones (88100). Our own photos will be posted at the end of the work.