Stimulating environment

“It would be a very big mistake to consider the environment as a material support (…). It is the environment that contains the means of development and it is up to it to educate ”

Maria montessori

We consider that the school must be a stimulating educational environment, rich in potentialities and adapted to children as well as to adults to allow the success of the educational action. We have opted for:

  • A spatial organization with pleasant classes, diverse and original spaces that meet the needs of children and adult teachers.
  • A quality of educational resources because they contribute to the value of the educational environment: for example Montessori and scientific culture material.
  • Aesthetic and flexible classes and materials that adapt to teaching practices.
  • Use of the natural environment: the beach (10 minutes away), the park (in front of the school).
  • An inclusive educational community: parents have an important place in school life and are involved.
  • Connections with multicultural (museums, local traditions), institutional (neighborhood, associations, public organizations, sports facilities), economic (companies), scientific (universities, experts) ...


  • We use ecological materials as much as possible, such as environmentally friendly and depolluting paints.
  • We create flexible classroom environments in thematic islands.
  • We are fortunate to have an Archéo-Lab to introduce students to excavation and the scientific process.
  • We have a vegetable garden to introduce children to nature and science.
  • We set up a Library-Multimedia library for reading and documentary research.
  • We work on the "Human Potential" to initiate mindfulness, non-violent communication, theater, rhetoric...
  • We have an omnisport room and 2 outdoor courses for body, physical and sports activities within the school.