Innovative education

“Take my ideas, I will have others. "

Coco Chanel

The efim is an innovative school of 3th generation.

It is a new school form intended to meet the societal and ecological challenges of the 21e century.

The school is part of an innovation of continuity by offering a hybrid system which combines 5 educational forms:traditional approach to National Education and the 4 value-added approaches Montessori, Freinet, Gattegno and Feuerstein.

The efim's central project is “learning to learn” because it is the ability to constantly readjust in a constantly changing world where 85% of the professions of tomorrow are unknown. This includes enabling children to develop the executive, emotional, social and metacognitive strategies necessary for any learning and for the proper development of their personality.

Learning to learn is the foundation stone educational action: it is a key success factor because it is a meta-skill.

The EFIM approach is part of within the official framework French education abroad (AEFE) and the accreditation process.